Our Products

​We are happy to present some of our products to communities across the United States, and soon overseas as well.  Many of the products we produce are not shown on this page, as they are private label opportunities​ that we do a good number of.  Want to know if a product is in your area, send us an email and we will point you in the right direction.

Copperhead Sour Mash

A unique sour mash whiskey that is 100% Georgian.  You've heard of Tennessee and Kentucky whiskeys and bourbons, now you get a chance to see and taste the best.  Handcrafted and created in small batches using a traditional three grain sour mash recipe, we then age the whiskey in small oak barrels for a unique profile that we just know you'll enjoy.


Grandaddy Mimm's

From deep in the woods of the North Georgia mountains, comes a new whiskey with flavors as deep and rich as the history behind it. In the early 1930’s Jack “Mimm” McClure started making bootleg whiskey in the rural area Georgia – about two hours northeast of Atlanta. His recipes for Apple Brandy, Peach Brandy and Corn Whiskey were famous in the tri-state area. Mimm passed away in 1969, and though the recipe remained in the family, not another drop was produced… until now.



Doc Holliday Rye

Like the American legend we honor, this premium Rye Whiskey is 100% American in both spirit and tradition.  Raised in the foothills of Georgia in charred American Oak barrels, we then empty and place this whiskey in secondary barrels to give it a distinct and smooth "Double-Barreled" taste, and character all its own.  Like the legends of the Old West, character matters most, and our Doc Holliday Rye Whiskey will hold it own anywhere.


Georgia Vodka

A Georgia Distillery needs a pure vodka made from all Georgia materials and flavors. Distilled 6 times, and filtered 10 times, this vodka goes down smooth and mixes with any of your favorite cocktails in a way unmatched by any other.  Drink your heritage, Drink your roots, Drink Georgia Vodka


Bear Creek Sippin' Shine

Bear Creek Sippin Shine is aline of moonshines created using a tradition recipe that has been passed down in Georgia from generation to generation.  Using a three grain blend as the basis, and adding a good amount of sugar, we have created a product that is strong proof, yet surprisingly smooth with a flavor that mixes well with anything.  It also comes in a surprising variety of southern flavors.


Rod & Rifle

A new product just rolling out, with more information to be shared later.....